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Tiago Ribeiro
.PT Digital Marketing Specialist
Why your business should not rely on social media
Social media help any business succeed. They are free, easy to use, and have a huge reach. However, many businesses end up using Facebook and Instagram as their digital homes, downplaying the value of a website. 

This article shows you that while social media is important and effective, your business should not rely on it alone to succeed in digital. 

Lack of control over your business

When you create a business that relies solely on social media, you are basically using a "rented" space and we all know by now that the Facebook "landlord" doesn't have much regard for small businesses like yours. 

Just break their policies and your page can disappear overnight. Facebook can change the "rules of the game" at any time, delete your content, block your page and ad account. 

A business that relies solely on social media takes many nights of sleep away from its owners. 

Facebook and Instagram are not "free"

When people talk about social media being free, it's not quite true. Creating a Facebook or Instagram page is indeed free, the problem is that by not paying anything, your business and content are subject to the platforms' changes.

In addition, if your business wants visibility on Facebook and Instagram, you need to invest a lot of time in content creation and money in paid ads to increase the reach of your posts.

A website is more complete

Did the Facebook and Instagram "blackout" on October 4 put your business off? If social media ended today would your company still be selling? 

If your business relies solely on social media, this "blackout" was a wake-up call. Social media should be important for your company's digital strategy, but a website should be the starting point to boost your ideas and business.

Whoever has a brand, must have a "home" for it. And a website should be the "home" of your business. Don't forget that by creating a site you have the advantage of having a digital space that is yours alone, and not that of a large technological company. 

A website is crucial to the success of your company. It is the central point where your content, your contact details, your value proposition, your products, etc. are located.

Don't decide only by my words. Look at the successful companies. They don't wonder what are the pros and cons of having a website vs. social media. They have great websites that people love and visit regularly. 

This does not mean that social media should be discarded. Social media is very important for building connections with your community and driving qualified traffic to your site. They should go "hand in hand" with your website to further increase the awareness and sales of your business. 

Already have a Facebook and Instagram page, but no website yet? Creating a website may seem complicated, but nowadays it's not. Don't get left behind and check now if the domain name you want for your website is still available.

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