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Becoming .pt Registrar

If you wish to become a .pt registrar, please read carefully the information and conditions below.


  • A price reduction on registrations and renewal fees;
  • Privileged communication channels;
  • Continuous technical and administrative support, in Portuguese and English;
  • Possibility of using a standard registry-registrar communication protocol (EPP protocol);
  • Access to specific programs and incentives;
  • Greater awareness and trust for potential customers.

Access conditions:


      • To be a legal person;
      • To have activity classified as Internet Service Provider (ISP), data processing, domiciliation of information, management and exploitation of computer equipment, web design activities, or other related activities;
      • Be a managing entity of at least 200 .pt domain names, or be an accredited registrar of ICANN or EURid, on the condition that this minimum number of domains is reached in the first two years of the registry-registrar protocol;
      • Having no invoices in debt for .pt domain names.


      • Ability to use the standardized EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) communication protocol;
      • Experience in the management of DNS systems, namely authoritative servers for domain names;
      • Ability to configure and sign domain names with DNSSEC;
      • Have or manage own systems that allow the registration and management of .pt domain names.

Security and Privacy:

      • Have implemented secure access control mechanisms for systems and applications that contain or access costumer and .pt information;
      • Have implemented measures that ensure the security of customer communications with .pt;
      • Ability to respond and mitigate, in a timely manner, the vulnerabilities detected and reported by .pt with an impact on information security and privacy;
      • Notify the .pt of security incidents with impact on the services provided by .pt;
      • Have implemented measures that guarantee the protection of the personal data of the natural persons owners of the domain names registered and/or managed by the registrar under the terms of applicable law.


Associated costs:

      • Monthly payment of invoices related to registration and renewal of domain names;
      • Payment of an application fee in the amount of € 1,000;
      • Provision of a guarantee deposit in the amount of € 2,000.

What steps to follow?

1: Submission of the Registrar Application Form
After carefully reading the conditions of access to the .pt registrar status, you must complete and submit the Registrar Application Form.

2: Evaluation of the application by the .pt
After submitting the application, the .pt will check the fulfilment of the access conditions to the .pt registrar status.

3: Communication of the evaluation results
At the end of the evaluation, the .pt will communicate the results to the applicant. If the conditions are not met, the process will be concluded.

4: Application fee payment
When the evaluation is positive, the .pt will require that the applicant makes the application fee payment in the amount of € 1,000.

5: Signature of the registry–registrar protocol & guarantee deposit payment
Once the application fee is received, the .pt will send the Registry-Registrar Protocol for analysis and signature. At this stage, the applicant must provide a guarantee deposit in the amount of € 2,000.

6: Attribution of the .pt registrar status
Once the Protocol has been duly signed, the .pt will assign to the applicant the .pt registrar status.