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Ana Cunha
.PT Customer Service
Talking is how we understand each other
Language is something which defines what it is to be Human, and each area of knowledge has developed its own "Language", with terms and definitions which may be difficult for those who have not learnt them.

In the case of the Internet, it was born in a technological environment and soon a big communication problem arose, but this time between Humans and Machines, thus the DNS was born, which translates our words into numbers (the language used by the Machines) and vice-versa.

But the DNS has grown, in this XXI century there are already millions of domains registered in the world, instead of the initial list of domains, which could almost be counted on the fingers of the hands and could be managed in a notepad. Nowadays the management of domain registrations is complex and involves numerous entities that need to communicate with each other, it is no longer just a group of technicians "talking" to machines.

The registration of a domain requires the identification of a series of data, the intervention of various entities and the use of various protocols and specific software, which led to a specification of the terms used within this scope.

.PT cares about this situation and uses this technical dialect with similar entities, partners and final customers. For the latter, there may be an added difficulty in learning new terms and their meanings, and therefore the existence of glossaries that may help.

As an example of this specific technical language, we list below the designation of 3 intervening parties in the registration of a .pt domain:


Entity responsible for the management, registration and maintenance of domains under a certain TLD.

Ex: The DNS.PT Association (.PT) in relation to .pt.


Registrar(s), whose terms and scope of the respective statute are object of a protocol to be signed with .PT. All entities listed on the .PT List of Registrars.


One of the persons responsible for the domain name. Natural or legal person that assumes the quality of domain name holder or mere requester before the .PT validates the conformity of the registration with the Rules.

Are you curious? Want to know more about these terms? In the .pt Terms & Conditions (registration rules) there is a glossary that helps you to speak this "Language".

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