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Dora Miranda
.PT Communication Manager
Our “Easter bunnies”
We reached that time of year when we hear a lot about the Easter Bunny. We all know the tradition of the Easter Bunny and its role in bringing chocolate eggs. The "Easter Bunny” leaves the eggs hidden and the children who find them keep them. Many parents turn this tradition into a game for children, the Easter is also a family moment.

Cookie, Eddie, Gin, Gastão, Farrusco, Floki, Hoshi, Kiko, Luna, Kira, Mochi, Spock, Suri, Zee, Whiskey… they are not names of bunnies nor do they bring chocolate eggs, but they are the names of the furry ones of the .PT family, and also bring a lot of joy, company and fun.

Who doesn't recognize that warm welcome whenever we get home, whether we left 5 minutes ago or hours ago? They are also always ready for a play session or to curl up on the couch, and we can tell everything that they never get tired of "listening to”. The unconditional love of a dog or a cat can be the support of many in these times, where we are led to spend a lot of time alone.

In my case, I adopted the kitten Gin 4 months ago, when he was only 3 months old, a baby ... This is the case for many, but there are also many others that stay for long periods in institutions, whose survival and sustainability it is often deficient. 

That is why .PT supports institutions that guide its activity towards the defense and protection of abandoned animals. This is also a commitment that goes beyond what is our mission, it is a commitment to human values.

The furry ones of the .PT family

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