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8 years of .PT
Luisa Ribeiro Lopes
.PT Chairman of the Board of Directors
8 years of .PT
Precisely one year ago today, the first text of this blog was published and I had the honour of writing it. The .PT was 7 years old and we launched the BARRA BARRA blog.

43 texts, 365 days later and celebrating today 8 years of the constitution of the DNS.PT Association, I was asked to write again, and such as the first text, I felt the same honour.

Before doing so I reread the first text and was surprised to see myself in each of the sensations expressed by the words, but with a new sensation: this last year has been bigger than usual. We are still in a pandemic (although it is already easing), we have new people at .PT, we were called to contribute to the digital transition and the digital skills of the Portuguese people, we have grown a lot in number of domains and in Confio stamps, we have seen our building, also BARRA BARRA, growing and soon becoming our new physical address, we are more and more recognized in Portugal, in the European Union and in global terms (this week we shared our experience for Portuguese students, for the European Commission and for ICANN).

Whenever we are asked to write, talk, toast about an anniversary, we mentally take a trip through the years we are celebrating. When I look back on these last eight years of .PT and this last year of the blog, I want to thank everyone who filled these days with good achievements that make us forget the not so good days we also went through. 

It is the values of competence, transparency, ethics, talent, resilience, trust and security that brought us here and will take us further, because never as today .PT is, admittedly, the place where a greater Portugal fits in, where no citizen and no company can be left behind.

A special thanks to those who followed this path with us: the .PT team (Dora, Eduardo, Ana, Isabel, Pedro, Joana, Andreia, Maria, Sandra, Daniela, Sónia, Assis, Ricardo, Pedro, Rui, Tiago, Catarina, Sebastião, Rogério), my colleagues Marta and Inês and also Fernanda, João Nuno, Miguel and Rui, our associates FCT, DECO and ACEPI, also the Registrars, members of the Advisory Board, Arbitrare, Portugal Digital, INCoDe.2030, suppliers, CNCS, DECO Jovem, CDI Portugal, and many others that I cannot mention here,

Congratulations to all of us,
Thank you
Luisa Ribeiro Lopes

"Fight for the things that you care about, 
but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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