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Orthographic Agreement in the registration of domain names

The new Orthographic Agreement, which entered in effect in January 2009, simplifies and systematizes various aspects of orthography and eliminates some orthographic exceptions,  ensuring greater harmonization in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

To help in the adaptation to the new rules there is a transition period of six years, ending in 2015, in which you can use the old spelling, however they are being adopted initiatives aimed at ensuring the progressive implementation and adaptation of the Orthographic Agreement in Portugal.

The Association DNS.PT within the competence of management, registration and maintenance of second level domain names registered directly under the ccTLD .PT regulates this activity under the Rules for Registration of .PT domains, with the legal deposit 340473/12.

The current rules in force regulating the registration of domain names directly under. PT and also for the classifiers .net.pt, .publ.pt, .int.pt, .nome.pt and .edu.pt require a properly titled prior right and that should show the name of the holder or alternatively and in the case of .PT records a registered word mark.

This situation implies that the documents used as a base register can be written in the spelling before or after the Orthographic Agreement of 1991.

In most cases, the rules currently applicable and which arise from IDN's, imply that it can be used or not the accentuations, hyphens and cedillas, so for example, an " Infra-estrutura " mark, already can be registered as infraestrutura.pt or infra-estrutura.pt, or the "Coração"  mark may be registered as  "coração.pt" or "coracao.pt".

The same does not occurs to words that change their spelling by the suppression of letters, exemplifying, the fictitious business name: " Acção Colectiva, Lda" that may be: "Ação Coletiva, Lda". Consequently, by the rules in force, it would not be possible to register acao-coletiva.pt, for not being in accordance with the title that it is based.

Considering that the Internet is an excellent means of communication, and promoting the Association DNS.PT  its development, were adopted the best practices, helping and encouraging users in general to continue them.Therefore, taking into account the solution to IDN's and for the use of hyphens, and to promote the introduction of the agreement spelling, it is understood that:

  1. A domain name with the new spelling can be accepted when the base is with the previous record.
  2. Domain names with the previous spelling can't be accepted when the base is with the new. If there is a prior right holder to freely adopt the new spelling, Association DNS.PT does not promote the use of spelling in the previous registration of the domain name because at the initiative of the holder, this no longer appears in the title that it is based.
  3. Two different domain names (with the previous and new spelling) can be accepted with the same base register when it is with the old spelling.

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